In addition to the President's Executive Council, the President's Cabinet provides further senior leadership for the University.

President's Cabinet:

  • Dean, School of Urban Education, Rene Antrop-Gonzalez
  • Dean, Library and Information Services, Chris Schafer
  • Interim Dean, College of Community Studies and Public Affairs, Francis Schweigert
  • Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Craig Hansen
  • Interim Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Judith Graziano
  • Dean, College of Management, Kat Lui
  • Interim Dean, College of Sciences, Sue Fitzgerald
  • Interim Dean, School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, Carl Polding
  • Dean, College of Individualized Studies, Carl Polding
  • Associate Provost for Student Success, Doug Knowlton
  • Dean of Students, Herbert King
  • Associate Dean, College of Community Studies and Public Affairs, Shonda Craft
  • Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management, Amy Dunn
  • Associate Vice President, Development and Foundation Chief Operating Officer, Deb Vos
  • Associate Vice President, Facilities Management, Vacant
  • Associate Vice President, Financial Management, Vacant
  • Director, Center for Online Learning, Robert "Bob" Bylik
  • Director, Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, Greg Mellas